About Me

Dear person who is interested in knowing more about me,

I hate these sections, but I suppose it has to be done.

The name's Ariel King, no not like the little mermaid - it's not even pronounced the same (say it with me..."R-E-L") yes I do get mildly annoyed if you say "Air-ee-elle" especially if I've taken the time to correct you. Due to this confusion on me being named after a ginger fish that came to the theatres when I was 8 years old, I've embraced the 'mermaid' where I can, mostly for usernames online - not so much for swimming as I'm crap at that.

I'm from The States, which I often refer to as 'Amurrica', as when I mention my homeland it's typically in a mocking tone. I'm the least American, American you may know.  For starters I have a passport, I know a few languages other than English, I've studied outside of Amurrica (did my Master's here in London) and I'm not on a diet of fast food only meals. Obviously all massive stereotypes, but that seems to be what people expect. Although, to be honest, I love fast food and eating.

Since about the age of awesome I've been on the Internet and I've grown up being an Internet geek - which resulted in me becoming a social media junkie. I've somehow managed to put my addiction into a dissertation and, after graduating, make a career of knowing how to use the Internetz really well. I suppose that means I'm #winning for the time being.

Beyond my ridiculous geekdom, I'm a pretty versatile person:
  • I'm a ballroom dancer and more recently a hula hooper
  • I play the flute and piano
  • I love musicals
  • I love music
  • I love festivals
  • iLove iThings
  • I love lamp?
  • I watch far too much TV....but not reality TV - more sci-fi, dramas, and sitcoms than anything and I tried to blog about it at one point, but I mostly just tweet about it now
  • I like learning languages - I studied French for most of my student life, picked up a bit of Spanish from TV/my neighbourhood, tested out Italian and did a few lessons of Mandarin during my Master's. 
  • I've convinced myself that I am the best cook at nearly everything and I don't trust anyone else to cook in my kitchen
  • I'm quite OCD when it comes to cleaning but it could stem from the fact that I'm allergic to everything and I can't handle dirt - or that my mom used to wake me up at 6am if I hadn't cleaned the night before
  • I've always planned on living abroad and did a stint in Australia, so no I won't be moving back to the States
  • I travel a lot and sometimes prioritise ticking off a new location over eating dinner for a week
  • I don't like coffee, really, but I like the smell of it and being pretentious at cute local coffee shops
  • I don't like chain restaurants, unless it's Chipotle. But who doesn't like Chipotle?!
  • I'm allergic to chocolate, well cocoa to be precise. Yes, it's possible, no I don't think it's horrible not having chocolate - I'm OK really, you can un-drop your jaw. :)

I'm a pretty easy-going gal, so if you're in London and want to join in on one of my hunts for cool things in town, or want me to come see why your place is cool, send an email to arielcking(at)gmail(dot)com.  We can be a little pretentious in a coffee shop, using our iThings to tweet and check-in about our awesome experience together.

Much love,

Swimming with this Mermaid