22 July 2012

London 2012 - The home stretch

We've tried to hide from it and we've taken a 'wait until it happens' approach in preparing for it, but this week, there's no denying it:  The Olympics are definitely coming, and for the most part are here.

I participated in my first Olympic Event this Saturday as I watched the torch run through Stoke Newington.  In true British fashion, few people knew what was happening at Clissold Park that day and of those that did, no one knew from which direction the torch would come - not even the organisers.  Standard.

The planned Olympic Torch Hackney route - day 64

The path in Clissold Park, moments before the torch was meant to arrive.

Nonetheless, I had a 6 second window, where I was able to see what people around the world will symbolise as the light of the Games and triumph for their countries. And I suppose that's pretty cool.

The Olympic Torch on Green Lanes

The parade of official Olympic money-givers

As this is the first work week with the torch in London, I'll be preparing myself for the herds of tourists and ticket holders aimlessly roaming my streets. Early morning rises, long walks home - mostly all transport related really. With some luck I'll be able to catch the Opening Ceremony at one of London's open parks, capacity permitting. But that's it, this is the Great British Summer we've all been asked to partake in - Ready. Steady. Go.


  1. Try as we might there's no ignoring it's really about to happen is there?! And how are you feeling about it all now the Games are finally here? Excited or nervous about what thousands of extra people will do to our precious commuting paths?

    1. Mostly nervous! I'm trying really hard to leave earlier this week so it's not a shock to my system next week. Too many people, too many slow.moving.people. You?


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