21 June 2012

Seeking History - The Secret History of Our Streets: Caledonian Road

BBC iPlayer - The Secret History of Our Streets: Caledonian Road:

If you haven't started watching this series, please do start. I was ridiculously excited to see the history of the street that I use to commute into London every.single.day. and never realised that so much has happened on this road over the years.

Some of my favourite bits were learning about the market behind Cally station, discovering Thornhill Square and understanding just how big of an impact the rail station had to this area.

What are your thoughts on Caledonian Road - is it a 'rough' neighbourhood or just rough around the edges?

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  1. Found you via the expat network - my first visit to your lovely blog - greetings. I have been meaning to tune into this show - looks really interesting. London is so thick in history, everywhere you look. I reckon any neighbourhood needs a bit of rough round the edges to be interesting...

    1. Hi Rachel - thanks for stopping by and reading! :)

      It's such a good show, have you watched it yet? They went to Notting Hill the other week, the social divides on that episode were shocking!

  2. Wow! So cool, must give this a watch. I'm another Cally Road girl, and I'm rather fond of the place, even if it does have it's grottier parts...

    1. It's definitely at the top of my must watch list this summer! I hope they continue the series past this first batch. It was a bit weird watching that episode then sitting on the 91 days after and seeing those same places.


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