28 May 2012

Spector at the Electric Ballroom

Argh, I've fallen behind in updates again but I can tell you it's not for lack of content! I definitely haven't been at home long enough to sit down and put all of the great things happening this glorious month in writing so I'll try to play some catchup.

To start, just 11 days after Camden Crawl had competed, I made my way back to Camden for probably the greatest gig I've been to in a while.  It should be of no surprise that I'm ab.so.lute.ly. in love with Spector as I've been banging on about them since I first heard Never Fade Away.  Love them - LOVE THEM.

On a whim, no that's a lie, after 3 weeks of asking people if they wanted to see this band but no one knowing who they were to commit to the cause, I snatched up some tickets for a ludicrous £10 each to see them at the Electric Ballroom.

I arrived in time to see Eugene McGuinness taking the stage. I knew that I knew the name, but I didn't know that I knew the songs as well.  Take this one for a ride - it sounds like Halloween meets the 80s/Weird Science to me sometimes.

If that song wasn't your cuppa, don't worry - they have a few different styles in their set. Worth a watch.

And then on to the main event, the musical loves of my life for 2012: Spector.  No words can explain how I felt that night so let the music and the photos do their magic.

Highlight: Fred jumped in the crowd and I touched him *faints*

Album launching August 2012 - GET IT

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