28 May 2012

Olympics Overload

I'm probably a bit numb to all of the Olympic and skirt-around-using-the-word-Olympic advertising who-ha going on in the Capital these days but I thought I'd share this overload.

London 2012 Olympics - Indoor Volleyball

Before the resale every bus seemed to be wrapped in Olympic ads

Olympic Bus, and another one in the background
New uber-hybrid flashy retro style London bus. Tourists will love this.

Are you heading to London for the Olympics? Sick of seeing Olympic-themed-everything? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I have Olympic Fatigue; I have been totally over it for ages! Call me an old bah-humbug about this but I'm secretly looking forward to is all being normal again - tourist and branded-merchandise and traffic nightmare-free!

    1. Are you going to any of the Games? I'm going to indoor volleyball and I'm still feeling a bit 'meh' about it. NOT looking forward getting into Tottenham Court Road during then!


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