02 May 2012

Birthday Month!

Happy May everyone! Today's my birthday and I am SO excited for what I have in store this month. I don't like to think I'm someone that makes a massive deal about their birthday, but I definitely take every opportunity to make the most of May in celebration of being alive.  #Birthdaymonth is about being optimistic and happy so that's what I'm going for!

Kicking off the birthday month I'll be hitting up Camden Crawl this weekend and I could NOT be more excited. I've been hitting my Spotify usage pretty hard, and since they released apps within the player, We Are Hunted and Last.fm have done wonders for my music discovery.  That being said, I wouldn't know most of the acts for this year's Crawl if it weren't for those apps in Spotify. A full report - bearing that I remember it all - will be added next week.  In the meantime check out the line-up and some of the artists I'm looking forward to hear.

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