30 May 2012

Shopcade Competition

I was recently contacted about Shopcade, a platform that looks like what Pintrest should be. 

I'm not that big a fan of Pintrest, it's a bit niche and lame IMO, but I do think it has massive potential to influence shopping through social media.  Shopcade, seems to have already picked up on this idea and are running a competition over the Jubilee Weekend to win some of their British themed products. It starts today at 11AM BST and ends on 6th June at 10AM.  

Click below to see the competition but if you don't want to enter I would recommend having a sniff around their site at least. It's quite interesting!


28 May 2012

Olympics Overload

I'm probably a bit numb to all of the Olympic and skirt-around-using-the-word-Olympic advertising who-ha going on in the Capital these days but I thought I'd share this overload.

London 2012 Olympics - Indoor Volleyball

Before the resale every bus seemed to be wrapped in Olympic ads

Olympic Bus, and another one in the background
New uber-hybrid flashy retro style London bus. Tourists will love this.

Are you heading to London for the Olympics? Sick of seeing Olympic-themed-everything? Let me know in the comments!

Spector at the Electric Ballroom

Argh, I've fallen behind in updates again but I can tell you it's not for lack of content! I definitely haven't been at home long enough to sit down and put all of the great things happening this glorious month in writing so I'll try to play some catchup.

To start, just 11 days after Camden Crawl had competed, I made my way back to Camden for probably the greatest gig I've been to in a while.  It should be of no surprise that I'm ab.so.lute.ly. in love with Spector as I've been banging on about them since I first heard Never Fade Away.  Love them - LOVE THEM.

On a whim, no that's a lie, after 3 weeks of asking people if they wanted to see this band but no one knowing who they were to commit to the cause, I snatched up some tickets for a ludicrous £10 each to see them at the Electric Ballroom.

I arrived in time to see Eugene McGuinness taking the stage. I knew that I knew the name, but I didn't know that I knew the songs as well.  Take this one for a ride - it sounds like Halloween meets the 80s/Weird Science to me sometimes.

If that song wasn't your cuppa, don't worry - they have a few different styles in their set. Worth a watch.

And then on to the main event, the musical loves of my life for 2012: Spector.  No words can explain how I felt that night so let the music and the photos do their magic.

Highlight: Fred jumped in the crowd and I touched him *faints*

Album launching August 2012 - GET IT

17 May 2012

#RelsTunes: The Cribs - Come On, Be A No-One

I'm dancing to: Come On, Be A No-One by The Cribs
Style: Indie Rock
A little like: Weezer and The Killers on this song IMO
Listen to this while drinking: a Kronenbourg

And I saw them at Camden Crawl!

#NoFilter London

Very rarely do you see what London looks like for most Londoners post-7pm.   So here are a few snaps of London at night, with no instagram filter :)

16 May 2012

#RelsTunes: Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah

Forgot to do this last week so I'll throw in a few extra this week.

This week I'm dancing to: Yeah Yeah by Willy Moon
Style: Last.fm says noise pop
A little like: Glass Towers says LFM, something circa 1992 says I 
Listen to this while drinking: a double vodka cranberry

Ummm by the way, from what I can tell this dude is FIT!

09 May 2012

Infographic: Bright Lights of London’s West End

Hmm - I hadn't realised infographics were still a thing but here's one I haven't seen done before.

West End in numbers:

'via Blog this'

06 May 2012

Camden Crawl 2012 in photos - Saturday

Camden Town crowds
Hawley Lock, Camden Crawl garb, musicians on the High Street,  group dancing to Red Bull DJ
Starting the festival off early at the Red Bull outdoor stage
Camden Market statues
The Milk
Camden Town shops

Swiss Lips
The Futureheads
DJ Set in Camden Rock

03 May 2012

#RelsTunes: Slow Club - The Dog

This week, I'm dancing to: The Dog by Slow Club
Style: folk/indie
A little like: Laura Marling, Los Campesinos!
Listen to this while drinking: an English draught lager

*UPDATE 27 MAY 2012* I can't believe I missed them opening for the Mystery Jets!

02 May 2012

Birthday Month!

Happy May everyone! Today's my birthday and I am SO excited for what I have in store this month. I don't like to think I'm someone that makes a massive deal about their birthday, but I definitely take every opportunity to make the most of May in celebration of being alive.  #Birthdaymonth is about being optimistic and happy so that's what I'm going for!

Kicking off the birthday month I'll be hitting up Camden Crawl this weekend and I could NOT be more excited. I've been hitting my Spotify usage pretty hard, and since they released apps within the player, We Are Hunted and Last.fm have done wonders for my music discovery.  That being said, I wouldn't know most of the acts for this year's Crawl if it weren't for those apps in Spotify. A full report - bearing that I remember it all - will be added next week.  In the meantime check out the line-up and some of the artists I'm looking forward to hear.

Swimming with this Mermaid