23 April 2012

Seeking a new camera

Nearly a year ago I pledged to take a bit more care of this blog and keep my notebook, camera, and iPhone at the ready to document anything that I thought might be interesting. I think I've done a decent job over the past year, with a few real gems of places to go and things to do in London.

On my last adventure, I reached into my bag for my HP Photosmart R742 and switched the camera on, only to see this staring back at me

My heart literally dropped. This was a Christmas present from my Ma about 5 years ago and it's green because it's her favourite colour.  It's seriously been around the world and back with me on some of my greatest trips abroad and at home.  Before getting my iPhone when I moved to England, this bad boy was in my bag all the time (which makes it harder to wrap my head around how it's somehow broken now) - now I only bring it out for certain nights.  The camera still works, but the screen obviously doesn't and there isn't a viewfinder so it's a bit of a guessing game when I take pics. 

I've been stuck using my iPhone 3GS which I'm realising has a crap camera and not having flash just doesn't work for me.

I'm sure this isn't the end of the world but I need your help!

  1. Who/where/how do I get an LCD screen replaced
  2. Is the camera any better on the iPhone 4 or is it time to make the HTC switch? This review doesn't make it seem like there's a difference but according to this video, their camera works wonders

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