25 April 2012

Seeking Manchester - People's History Museum

Manchester is my second home here in England, but I rarely get to see Manchester. I typically just see the 'in-laws' and there's not much to do because it's a holiday. I finally had the chance to go up there with no tea time obligations and had a wander around the city.

I love it there because so much of the city reminds me of Cleveland, where I'm from.

The Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, OH - 2009
OK - so that is a bit of a glamour shot of Cleveland, but let me tell you, it's quite an industrial town. So much so that the river before your eyes once caught fire in the 70s due to all of the pollution from the factories along the river over the century.

None-the-less, walking around my Northern home, was a great escape from busy city life down here in the South and I spent hours walking around the People's History Museum.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend you go there for a vist.  I'm not much of an art museum kind of person, and I like to see exhibitions that are a bit different like when I visited the Canal Museum in London or the Fishing 'museum' (it was a room, so that term is used lightly) in Brighton.  PHM was a nice combination of history and political issues that workers faced at different points in England. They had some great political cartoons that had been used to win the working man's vote and later the working woman's vote and an entire section on banners that people carry during protests or for unions etc.  Interesting I suppose, if banners are your thing.

I learned a nice deal about 1819 Massacre (Peterloo) where 15 people died during a peaceful protest in MCR for the right to vote as working citizens. Also heard for the first time, 'phossy jaw' which little girls got while working in the matchstick factories and the phosphorus began to deterioratie the bones in their jaw. I got really happy when I reached the part about the NHS coming about in the late 40s and wondered, WTF we were up to in America that we STILL haven't sorted it out today.  And finally, I understood why football is on Saturdays - due to their work weeks being 6 days, but later granted a half-day Saturday so that's when people went out and had fun. I even saw a few clips from the 1923 Bolton v West Ham FA Cup Final.

View of the River Irwell

How long have we been fighting against sweatshops?

This was lolz to me
Different year, same argument.

That's a big promise to make. I swear I've heard this claim before tho...

A really powerful image of police 'authority' taking it too far.
She was helping a man who was hit by the police during a riot



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