09 January 2012

North London - Emirates Stadium - FT Arsenal 1-0 Leeds United

It's not very often that I get to write about the team I love here in London, but I have just returned from a very happy win in the FA Cup.

Some things to note from today's game:
  • Leeds supporters have very intricate chants involving rhythmic clapping that I can't even get some dancers to do when I teach rhythm
  • They also never shut up (which isn't saying much coming from an Arsenal supporter)
  • The Emirates stadium is freezing in the upper tiers - particularly when people start leaving their seats
  • The walk from the stadium to N19 is very nice. Walking home every day from Highbury & Islington station may be my new 'thing'
  • Thierry Henry is a BEAST
Welcome home! OH TO, OH TO BE, OH TO BE A, GOONER!

Watch the goal here

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  1. I live a good distance from the Emirates but can always hear when there's a match on as the sound of yelling and clapping and chanting travels even that distance - but I rather like it! If I put my mind to it I could probably use those sounds to keep track of the score...


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