02 July 2011

INTERESTED - East London - Rooftop Film Club Queen of Hoxton

A few months back, a fellow American ex-pat friend of mine posted a flyer on Twitter for an outdoor film experience in London.  Where better to drench yourself in the memories of drive-in theatres and double feature films that shaped most summer nights growing up in the States, than in trendy, revival city of everything that once was, Hoxton/Shoreditch. Enter, the Rooftop Film Club located on the rooftop of the Queen of Hoxton.

Annoyingly, London hasn't lent itself to many outdoor-appropriate days this summer, so I haven't made much of an effort to visit. Not to mention, tickets seem to be hard to come across as it only seats 100 people - the entire month of July is already sold out.

The Rooftop Film Club includes classics such as The Goonies, Big, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Coming to America and Casablanca this month and tickets are £9 + a booking fee. I'm quite interested to check out this rooftop film experience and see how it compares to my childhood drive-ins. I think that watching movies outdoors makes the film more interactive and I can just imagine the crowd shouting together 'Hey You Guys!' singing along to 'Moon River' or even better yet (and possibly depending on the number of Americans present) tossing our locks to 'Soul Glo'.

I'm not sure what the Rooftop Film Club has in store for August, but I'll try my best to get a ticket and come back with a review.

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