19 June 2011

South West London - Clapham Common - Firefly

Here's another post that's been sat on the back burner waiting to be published.  Extremely late, but again fully worth the post.

For some reason, all of the South Pacific expats move to South West London.  I'm not sure how this started or if it's a myth that became fact, but it seems to be true. I don't typically go South of the river unless I absolutely have to, so there won't be many South London posts here. This night, the night of the Barcelona - Manchester United Champions League Final I cheekily might add, I was having a night out in Clapham with some Aussie mates.  After a few musically themed drinking games, we popped into a bar called Firefly.
The cast of Firefly

Nope not that Firefly, but how sweet would a Firefly themed bar be??! To be honest, I can't give much of a review on the bar itself - it was pretty standard and maybe just a notch above a pub except they had a DJ playing (I use this term lightly).  Being the awesome bunch we are, naturally, we made a makeshift dance floor from the walkway between the tables and the bar and had ourselves a few dances.

The actions of the night, which I struggle to remember, aren't as important as the video posted below.  The DJ played this mashup, and I'm not sure if it's genius or just thoroughly confusing.  Either way, have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments.

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