22 May 2011

Central London - Trafalgar Square - B&Q Free Tomato Plants

Earlier last week I came across a tweet saying there would be free tomato plants at Trafalgar Square. At least I think it was a tweet, or maybe a link to an article, hmm or word of mouth(?) to be honest I'm not even sure I really heard about it at all.

Unfortunately, working in marketing makes me get on a bit of a high horse and criticise campaigns.  I wasn't impressed with this one at all. I didn't know immediately that it was sponsored by B&Q, I heard flutterings of it on the web but [not]surprisingly, none of it was from the B&Q twitter account and when I got to the event the 'mob' I was expecting was no where to be found.

That's right they were trying to make this like a 'flash mob', but with tomatoes instead I suppose.  One of the hashtags going around was #flashgrow or #tomoatoflashgrow or...well I'm not sure about that either as there wasn't an official hashtag. It was sort of a sloppy execution in my opinion. When I arrived at Trafalgar Square around noon this was the 'mob':

I'm still not sure what the barriers were for, and why, if this campaign was mostly done through word of mouth and Twitter, there was no official hashtag at the event.  

There wasn't much information at the event either - like tips for first time gardeners or how to take care of your tomato plant.  Mine looked pretty sad to start with, but I didn't think the guy giving them away had much of a clue on gardening: He had his Nero cup of coffee sat in the same box that he was supposed to be displaying the B&Q tomatoes, we had to ask him to move it so I could take the photo

All-in-all, a sad attempt at getting people interested in something that could be a fun project this summer and an activity I've found many 'urban gardeners' enjoy doing. 

I suppose you could go to this link for more information, if it has more information to give http://projectdirt.com/profiles/blogs/flash-grow-come-and-get-a-free

Apparently these guys had something to do with it as well, and I would've like to know more about them http://www.capitalgrowth.org/

Oh well, it'd been a while since I walked down to Trafalgar Square so I at least got to see the Olympic Clock
The Olympic Clock, working 

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