29 May 2011

Central London - SPOTTED - Elvis

Well, I didn't really see Elvis, I saw an impersonator.  It was quite random I have to admit and I'm still not sure I understand the link that was trying to be made.

Without much more information, all I can say is that a new salon opened in Fitzrovia called Czaro.  Elvis won't be cutting your hair, but from the launch party they were having it did look to be a bit swanky on the inside.  They invited us in for some of their snackies and drinks but I felt a bit underdressed and was enjoying the more casual setting of the Samuel Smiths pub we were in next door, The Champion.  Also spotted: Comic Sans (!) being used on a sign inside The Champion. *facepalm* I can't take things seriously when it's done in Comic Sans.
Yes, using comic sans over the age of 12 is amiss

Not sure if I'll be going to the salon but they did give me a voucher as an incentive.


  1. Hi Ariel

    Great blog.
    I’m Sav, director of CZARO.
    Re: Connection between Elvis show & CZARO - Not a huge connection but a connection nonetheless;
    ‘CZARO’ is a brand name derived from the word ’CZAR’ meaning ‘Monarch’, ‘Patriarch’, ‘Ruler’, ‘Emperor’ or ‘King’. So, who better to help us launch the opening of our brand new salon than the ‘King’ himself… Elvis!

    Let me take this opportunity to personally welcome you to our new salon. Here at CZARO, we are trained to ask you the right questions - then listen carefully to your individual needs and concerns, while offering suggestions and advice that will help you get the look that's right for you - designed to suit your individuality and lifestyle, making you feel good on the inside as well as the outside – regardless of how “underdressed” you think you may be.

    So feel free to come in and say ‘hi’ anytime, it would be my pleasure to personally look after you… and I promise you there will be no Comic Sans in sight.

  2. Thanks for reading Sav! And thanks for clearing up the Elvis link, I get it a bit more now! I'll be sure to come in and have a look around some time - I am well overdue for a bit of a trim.


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