08 February 2011

U2, Coldplay, Beyonce Glastonbury 2011

Right, so I know everyone is getting their knickers in a bunch over this (yet to be officially) confirmed news  from Holy Moly, but I just wanted to bring a few facts to light.

1. These three acts are only approximately 6 of 84 hours of music and events provided at Glasto

2. There were 45 other stages last year, and several late night entertainment spots to keep you occupied all night....take your pick of entertainment

3. If you only go to Glasto to hear what's on at the Pyramid Stage, I would suggest you save your money and go to a concert venue near you.

I hate hearing people say that one artist isn't fit enough to be at Glastonbury. By the looks of my wristband I still have on I believe it says "Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performance Arts".  This isn't year-on-year Woodstock.  But if you want that, I'm sure there's a stage for you - That's the beauty of Glastonbury.

So don't let three names ruin the greatest weekend England has to offer.  Bring on Glasto2011, I can't wait!!

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