09 February 2011

Arsenal FC, by far the greatest team

This is going to be a risky post for me as everything is against me; I'm American, I'm a girl, I love Arsenal.  I suppose this means the only football I know requires 250lbs guys in padding to smash each other, that the concept of offside is beyond me, and that I support a team that doesn't know how to win.
I'll let you slide with those accusations for now...

You see, I'm from Ohio and there's not a city in Ohio where you can escape good 'ole all-American sports, even hockey is there. But more importantly, I'm from Cleveland and losing is something we do far too well. Cleveland Indians for baseball, Cleveland Browns for football, Cleveland Cavaliers for basketball.  In fact, we're so well-known for losing that Hollywood made a film about our baseball team.

Yea come back and talk to me about a 'losing team' when you have one of those under your belt. Arsenal is not what I would consider a failed team by any means. 

Although Cleveland may have some of the worst teams in the history of every sport, we also have some of the best, most devoted, possibly delusional, but respectful fans I have ever met.  There's a strong sense of loyalty with our teams, and also a sense of respect for when the better man wins. I appreciate this in sports, because it reflects in our teams as well.

Today I came across this statement that Samir Nasri made about Jack Wilshere for tonight's friendly against Denmark:
"He plays with guts as you say in England. I like him as a player because he always tries to play forward."
It might not seem that bold of a statement, but I feel it's a rarity in English sports - compliments from teammates.  And who's to blame them, really, when some players decide that another player's Missus is to be shared like a buffet dinner?

The thing is, I like the way Arsenal plays the game.  Not just out on the pitch, but mentally and with each other outside of training.  Something about their presence is all too familiar of our teams back in Ohio.  I think it takes more to make a 'great' team than just having a trophy in the cabinet.  It takes companionship, respect, and treating each as your own brother.  I'm sure it's not as rosey of a picture as I'm painting when they get to the dressing rooms or off the pitch, but whatever it is they leave it to the side.  They play the game as best they can and let the media see only what needs to be seen.

So when someone asks why I support a 'losing' team such as Arsenal, I feel confident and proud to chant 'ooh to be a gooner' at them - because I know I am truly supporting the greatest team that I have ever seen....

And it's Aaaaarrrrseeeeeeeennnnnaaaaall

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