08 June 2010

Protecting the Privacy of Perplexed Persons

I've been on the Internet for a very long time.  Since 1995/6, when I was 12.  I'm now 27; that's 15 years and large portion of my life that has been spent and sent through the millions of tubes on the Web.  If anyone should be afraid of being hacked, I'd think I could have valid reasons.  Internet and its privacy options have changed drastically since those early days of AOL chat rooms and the age-old: "a/s/l?" conversations.  Yet, today, many people still feel threatened by the idea of putting their information on the Internet.  From something as simple as creating an e-mail address to the more encrypted process of online banking and the likes, users around the globe are still frightened of the "Hackers" that had their high point during the mid to late '90s.  I think during my research of Internet politics within social media, it will be useful to see how those participating view their privacy.  Hopefully, I'll be able to convincingly debunk this unjustified myth that the Internet is unsafe.  The fact of the matter is - we are our own worst enemy when it comes to our own privacy.  Users must learn how to protect themselves, as those who are hacked are normally the ones that have a target, neon light and flailing wacky-arm tube guy guiding those to take whatever they can from their profiles.

Stay tuned for my findings and arguments on Internet Privacy.

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