07 June 2010

The Curious Case of The Huffington Post

Surely I'm not the only one who is wondering 'WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THE HUFFINGTON POST?!'

I feel as if it wasn't very long ago, where the majority of the updates on this site were intelligible and had real substance.  Now I only see headlines proclaiming "Justin Long: I love performing oral sex" or "Christina Aguilera wears light-up heart on her crotch". Really HuffPo??? Really??! Are you that desperate for an audience that you need to bring yourself to Perez Hilton's domain? I was following @huffingtonpost on Twitter, but I've had to unfollow and move them just to a list... my news list, so I could have my Twitter timeline back.  Although, I'm thinking they aren't even deserving of this category!  Occasionally I'll get an update that sounds like news. People following the oil spill (we should just call this an oil dumping by the way, there was no 'spill'...but that's another blog) will definitely be intrigued by the "Dead, oiled birds reported for the first time in Texas" headline.  But if that doesn't catch your attention, the following tweet about a couple getting married in a shark tank, must!

Now I'm the last person to knock the efforts of social media, HuffPo is classified as a blog at the end of the day.  However, I'm having a hard time seeing them as a credible source of information when they share breaking news with TMZ.

All is not sour with HuffPo - you are able to connect with your Facebook, Yahoo!, Google or Twitter accounts without having to make an additional HuffPo account.  On top of being able to comment, you can also "like" and/or share the article through one simple click - and even retweet on Twitter.  And of course, the other "share' familiars are there, with Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and the likes.  These are all great tools to engage the reader with your site.

Having said that, Arianna Huffington has a great sense of connecting with the audience through social media.  Yet, it would be nice for the "Internet Newspaper" to report and highlight a bit more news-worthy topics more often.

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